Dec 08.2022


We recently received reports that there are unscrupulous merchants selling so-called second-hand LED displays of the Unilumin brand in the market. In this regard, we declare as follows:

1. We have never authorized any company or individual to sell second-hand LED displays of Unilumin. We cannot confirm whether the second-hand displays of the Unilumin brand provided by the relevant unscrupulous merchants are genuine;

2. Our products are sold on the premise of meeting the relevant intellectual property rights protection and certification requirements of the destination country. Customers who purchase so-called second-hand LED display screens from unscrupulous merchants may cause customers to infringe intellectual property rights or violate relevant certification requirements;

3. We only provide quality commitment and after-sales service for Unilumin brand LED displays purchased directly from our official channels and authorized distribution channels, unless otherwise stipulated in relevant agreements;

4. In order to avoid customer losses and better experience, we recommend that all customers go to our official channels or authorized distribution channels to purchase Unilumin brand LED displays. We will continue to provide customers with high-quality products and services;

5. We welcome all customers to provide us with clues on the sale of second-hand LED displays of Unilumin. Contact email address:


Unilumin Group Co., Ltd.

December 8, 2022